In CC, the principle that helps in the identification of personality category is

  • Cow-calf principle
  • Whole-organ principle
  • Neti-neti principle
  • Later-in-time principle


In DDC Phoenix schedules represent

  • classes which are slightly modified
  • classes which are completely changed
  • classes to be modified in the future
  • classes not to be modified


What is the relationship between ISBD and Cataloguing Codes?

  • They are not related at all
  • Cataloguing codes will include bibliographic description
  • ISBD includes cataloguing rules
  • ISBD can replace cataloguing codes


Which one of the following is not a part of the MARC record structure?

  • Leader
  • Directory
  • Record terminator
  • Check digit


Which of the following combinations is wrong

  • PRECIS-Dreck Austin-BNB
  • KWIC-H.P. Luhn-Chemical titles
  • Citation Indexing-Eugene Garfield-SCI
  • Relational indexing-E.J. Coates-Biological Abstracts


Citation indexing was first developed in the field of

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Law
  • Social sciences


In a thesaurus, under an item “Internal Migration”, which of the following lines would you expect to find

  • BT Migration
  • NT Rural-to-Urgan Migration
  • RT International Migration
  • All of the above

The PERT approach is a device developed to

  • Better utilize of time in a series of activities
  • Allow studies to be made between people and machine
  • Analyse a workflow to facilitate decision-making
  • Establish quality control


The acronym “POSDCORB” was coined by

  • Gulick and Urwick
  • Taylor
  • Mayo
  • Gilberths


The basic theory regarding human motivation is propounded by

  • Taylor
  • Maslow
  • Mayo
  • Likert


The method of budgeting, which is not concerned with what happened previously but is more concerned with the requirements of the future is known as

  • Line Budget
  • Programme Budget
  • Formula Budget
  • Zero Based Budget


Among the different Boolean operators “AND” is used

  • to widen the search
  • to narrow the search
  • to begin the search
  • to end the search


Which of the following is not a secondary source of information

  • An encyclopedia
  • A textbook
  • A biographical dictionary
  • Patents


Which of the following reference source will you consult to locate information on the Pokharn test?

  • Encyclopedia of Britannica
  • Asian Recorder
  • Commonwealth Universities Yearbook
  • Dictionary of National Biography


Information about Indian research studies on bakery and milling is input to IFIS through

  • The Central Rice Research Institute
  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute
  • National Institute of Nutrition
  • Central Food Technological Research Institute


Which of the following is not an example of Current Awareness Service (CAS)?

  • SDI
  • An Indexing Bulletin
  • Current Contents
  • A Reading List

 Non-bibliographic Database contain

  • Numeric Data
  • Textual Data
  • Visual Data
  • All of the above


Indexing and abstracting sources are available in print, optical and online. Among the three formats there is usually

  • a difference in price, but not capability
  • no difference in price, but difference in capability
  • a difference both in price and in capability
  • no difference in price or capability


In an empirical study on the impact of television viewing on violence, violence would be

  • the dependent variable
  • an independent variable
  • an intervening variable
  • not a variable at all


  1. A big difference between the mean and median is an indication that
    • there is a mistake in the calculation
    • the calculation is correct
    • there is a wide variation in the data
    • None of the above


Which of the following research methods is useful in a study on measuring the active life of periodicals

  • Survey
  • Citation Analysis
  • Interview
  • Case study

Which of the following types of memory is volatile

  • ROM
  • PROM
  • WORM
  • RAM


Which of the following is not a programming language



When you create a worksheet in CDS/ISIS you are defining

  • the external user view
  • the internal file structure
  • the conceptual frame
  • All of the above


UNESCO’s information programme is known as

  • GIP
  • UAP
  • UBC


Which of the following networks does not have its own tele-communication infrastructure

  • INIS


OPAC stands for

  • Online Public Access Catalogue
  • Online Periodicals Access Centre
  • Online Patents Access Centre
  • None of the above


In a communication model, noise refers to

  • loudness of signal
  • lack of understanding between sender and receiver
  • any disturbance which affects the transmission
  • irrelevant information


Zero-growth libraries contradict the fifth law of library science. The statement is

  • true, because no new books are added
  • true, because the totla size of the bookstock is steady
  • false, since the library may grow in other ways
  • false, since there can be no zero-growth libraries


SENDOC is the national documentation centre for

  • Science and Environment
  • Sociology and Economics
  • Sri Lanka
  • Small Scale Enterprise


Extension services to the blind by a public library is justified by

  • the fourth law of library science
  • the fifth law of library science
  • the first law of library science
  • all the laws of library science


The table standard subdivision helps a classification scheme

  • to ensure consistency
  • to add mnemonic value
  • both the above
  • None of the above


Which of the following names are associated with Post-Coordinate indexing

  • Taube, Mooers, Batten
  • Taube, Austin, Coats
  • Taube, Austin, Garfield
  • Mooers, Taube, Garfield


A document description is not found in a

  • Catalogue entry
  • Citation
  • Bibliographic entry
  • Class number


The following is not an example of re-packaging of information

  • Trend report
  • Catalogue
  • Summary
  • Digest


In UDC the inter-relationship between the two subjects is denoted by

  • Ampersand followed by Roman Smalls
  • A Colon
  • Double Colon
  • Hyphen


GOC helps libraries in determining

  • foreign exchange rates
  • names of foreign agents and vendors
  • books available in the market
  • which books to buy


In a library which of the following positions are line positions

a. Junior library assistant
b. Subject Specialist
c. Deputy Librarian
d. Systems Librarians

  • (a) and (b)
  • (a) and (c)
  • (a) and (d)
  • (b) and (d)

An organizational structure is determined by

a. span of control
b. hierarchy
c. space and location

  • (a) and (b)
  • (b) and (c)
  • (a) and (c)
  • All the factors


According to AACR-II, the heading of the main entry for conference proceeding edited by an individual is prepared under

  • name of editor
  • place of conference
  • title of the volume
  • name of the conference


The Indian National Bibliography does not include

  • Books published in India in English
  • Official reports
  • Books on India, published abroad
  • Books published in recognised Indian languages


The subject headings “Money” and “Inflation” are both used in a retrieval system

  • be linked by a “see also” reference
  • be linked by a “see” reference
  • be linked by both “see” and “see also” references
  • not be linked


The resource sharing strategy of a library may not include

  • joint acquisition
  • shared use
  • exchange of materials
  • restricted access


Which of the following is not a national library?

  • Library of Congress
  • British Library
  • Bibliotheque Nationale
  • Smithsonian Institute


UNESCO’s Public Library Manifesto was last revised in

  • 1990
  • 1998
  • 1997
  • 1994


The ICCP did not lead to

  • agreement on the need for uniformity and standards
  • a defination of main entry
  • a recognition of corporate authorship
  • the development of MARC format


In KWIC index the keyword appears

  • at the beginning of each entry
  • at the centre of the line
  • as the highlighted word
  • at the end of the line


The relationship between the terms “Ship” and “Boats” is

  • syntactic relationship
  • semantic relationship
  • both
  • neither


Which of the following cannot be regarded as ‘multimedia’

  • A tape-slide programme
  • A CD-ROM with text and visuals
  • Microfilm
  • A web page


Invisible colleges are

  • networks of people interested in the same subject
  • help in communication
  • neither (1) nor (2)
  • both (1) and (2)


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